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Shakilla Under Fire Following Her Latest Post On Taxi Driver In Kenya

by Steve_dee
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Clout seeker who become a socialite After deciding to pursue taxi drivers on her own, Shakilla found herself at odds with Kenyans online.

The bold young lady used social media to express her opinions on issues relating to automobile air conditioners.

Shakilla vented her displeasure to her fans on Instagram through her tale. Shakilla urged cabbies to treat using the air conditioners in their vehicles as normal in her tweet.

She continued by saying she didn’t like it when taxi drivers asked her to roll down the windows when she was experiencing a heat wave inside their vehicles.

When Shakilla lowered her windows, she asked the uber drivers whether they would be willing to give her a refund if her belongings were stolen.

“Kenyan Taxis should normalize using ACs coz w*f i cant be having a heatwave in a taxi and you are telling me to pull the windows down. If stuff gets stolen will you be accountable?” read her instagram post.


Kenyans online did not waste time as the majority of those who saw her post were quick to pounce on the socialite for her remarks.

From some asking her to buy her own car, to others making fun of her situation, Shakila really received a taste of her own medicine.

One instagram user, identified as armadillo, posed to her the question why she shouldn’t just buy her own car and spare everyone the noise.

Iam_.armadillo “Sianunuwe gari yake na awache mdomo mingi kama chiriku” (Loosely translated to, Why doesn’t she just buy her own car and spare us the noise?).


“Her morals were already stolen in Nigeria I don’t see anything else that can be stolen” Savagely responded a Tweep, identified as Presta John.

“Kwani aliachilia wakavurugana na dere” added another Instagram user identified as rich photography.

With her very controversial actions in the recent past, including her invented claims about her intimate relationships with Kenyan celebrities like former Harambee Stars captain and Tottenham Hotspurs midfielder Victor Wanyama, Shakila has become a hot topic of conversation for many.

One of Shakila’s harshest detractors, political scholar and Twitter sensation Maverick Aoko, once publicly declared her contempt for her when she claimed that the only thing that made her famous was her nudity.

Shakilla’s mother, who calls herself her manager, should not in any way be proud of or support her in her endeavors, according to Aoko, who made the statement during a YouTube presentation on Dr. Ofweneke’s channel.

“Sheath it! Don’t have kids if you cant teach them basic dignity. Most of these online hoes have daddy issues. Nothing screams of an absent or failed dad than a daughter naked for online strangers for validation. Girls raised by present, masculine dads don’t do that sh*t” read one of her many twitter posts against the likes of Shakilla.


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