Shekarau: APC members are leading the charge to remove the president from office
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Shekarau: APC members are leading the charge to remove the president from office

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As long as President Muhammadu Buhari does not take action to resolve the security issues, the majority of Nigeria’s Senate has begun to advocate the impeachment of the president, according to Senator Ibrahim Shekarau, a former governor of Kano and senator who represents Kano Central.

The Nigerian Senate’s Security Committee member, Senator Shekarau, attested to this (during an interview with BBC).

The senator claimed that the parliament debated the security situation in Nigeria for more than three hours, during which time everyone offered their opinions and comments. At one point, the senator claimed, the parliament asked for the president, Muhammadu Buhari, to be impeached after having given him a mandate.

As a result of the contentious debate among the members of parliament, the question of Buhari’s impeachment over the security breach issue created a commotion in the senate hall.

APC member impeachment has become a topic of discussion.

Malam Ibrahim Shekaro stated that he will not identify names, but the first person to bring up the matter of President Buhari’s impeachment in parliament and the second person to back him before others are both members of the APC. It’s the APC,

“I won’t start naming names, but by God, I can promise you that the person who started getting up to send the impeachment letter to the President is a member of the APC, and the person who supported him is also a member of the APC,” the speaker stated.

“Everyone, including journalists, witnessed this session in the legislative hall and in a room. I want people to understand that the APC, not the opposition, was the source of the comments calling for the president to be impeached; they stated what they desired.”

Because of this, the opposition party resigned from parliament.

Since there was no vote, according to senator Ibrahim Shekarau, the president has the opportunity to consider all options and determine which one has greater support before making a decision. The president informed the populace of the meeting’s topics once it ended.

Shekarau claims that the Speaker of the House testified at the presentation that he had set President Buhari a six-week deadline but that he had not added anything.

He testified that the speaker of the house was perplexed because of something he did not mention, which is what caused him and the leader of the minority to rise up.

According to Shekarau, it was for this reason that the minority leader informed the speaker of the parliament that he had broken the law by failing to give him instructions. This immediately attracted the attention of the other minorities, who then left the session.

“The Speaker refused to include the minority party’s request to impeach the president in the legislation. This is why they fled the hall in rage”, claimed Shekarau.

The obstacles that democracy faces today, according to Senator Shekarau, should not discourage anyone from making noise or igniting a debate because calling for reform does not guarantee that there will be a debate.

“The security of Nigeria has been compromised.”

Although it would be incorrect, according to Senator Shekarau, to imply that the president does not care about him, there is still work to be done and reforms that must be implemented.

due to the fact that Nigeria’s security system is a complete mess, as everyone is aware.

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Everyone who testified indicated there was always a time for reconciliation during his three years in parliament, although Shekarau claimed that things were not always simple.

“There is no concern of money shortage or other corruption because all that was needed in relation to money throughout my three years in parliament was provided.”

The DSS security agency has disclosed top-secret information that people should pay heed to since Abuja is in a state of terror, according to Mal Shekarau.

“Prior to this, Kuje was assaulted, and Bwari saw the Presidential Command start firing.

These are the issues that prompted the sit-in last Wednesday, during which more than 50 people spoke in search of answers and recommendations, StechiteGist Media gathered.

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Everyone agrees that there is no proof that the resolution was utilized with the recommendation of the parliament as it has reached the point of sending a resolution to the president already on the security proposals made in 2020.”

“Then some lawmakers claim that this won’t be sufficient and that a deadline should be set. After much deliberation, it has been agreed that six weeks will begin here.

According to Shekarau, some people have decided that if there isn’t sufficient evidence on the ground after six months, a letter of impeachment should be written or action would be taken. It might interest you to read Gov. Wike names Sule Lamido, Muazu Aliyu, and Maina Wazir as those who abused him


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