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Stefan Arczyński Cause Of Death, Biography, Age, Career

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Photographer and World War II soldier Stefan Arczynski is from Poland. The reason and manner of death of Stefan Arczynski will all be discussed in this article.


Stefan Arczynski participated in World War II and was also a Polish photojournalist. In Saint-Paul-en-Chablais, he was born on July 31, 1916. As a young man, he started working as a photographer. Sports photography makes up the majority of his work.

He always had his camera with him when he went to games or sporting events. He received his secondary school diploma in 1934 and began his training in an Essen photography studio, where he spent the following three years learning the fundamentals of the industry. He was a wedding photographer, but he also did individual and group shots. He worked on honing his personal aesthetic because he had no interest in documenting the stages of life for middle-class families.


Arczyski undoubtedly drew inspiration from figures like August Sander, Karl Blossfeld, and Erich Salomon. Through photography, he was looking for a method to express himself.

Stefan Arczynski captured images for numerous magazine covers and postage stamps. He worked with Henryk Tomaszewski and for many years was a member of his film crew. In countries including Poland, China, India, Africa, and the United States, he traveled and took photographs all over the world.

On social media and news outlets, Stefan Arczynski’s passing has become a trend. The cause of his death, which occurred on August 28, 2022, when he was 106 years old, is unknown.


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