The Federation Will Form An Amputee Women's Football Team
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The Federation Will Form An Amputee Women’s Football Team

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Nwenwe, the federation’s technical director, has stated that the organization intends to establish a national female amputee football squad.

As Nwenwe explained to journalists in Lagos on Wednesday, the goal was to grow the sport and pique the interest of those who had lost limbs from an early age.

“Our first priority is to reorganize the amputee squad so that it includes members from every state in the union.

There are already female teams in most African countries. We will focus more on grassroots development in Nigeria, where there is a dearth of amputee female athletes.

Despite this, the technical director admitted that it would be difficult to find the players needed.

It’s difficult to identify the best players in amputee football. To begin, we must raise public knowledge, and this must begin at the local level.

As he said, “This will help us bring in more players and we will start to teach them the foundations of the game”.

organization has been encouraged by the players’ devotion, according to Nwenwe, and will seek to improve their coordination and their use of crutches to control and kick the ball.

Newly elected officials have also planned to begin the term with the north zone regionals competition, says head coach Gbenga Dosumu.

It was revealed to him that Kano State had expressed an interest in hosting the tournament.

He claimed that the federation was working nonstop to make this development a reality.


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The Federation Will Form An Amputee Women's Football Team, STECHITEGIST

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