The sixth kid charged in the case of the Central Park jogger has been cleared
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The sixth kid charged in the case of the Central Park jogger has been cleared.

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A sixth man’s conviction on a related charge was also overturned on Monday. He had been convicted along with five other Black and Hispanic minors in 1989 of raping a jogger; those convictions had been overturned more than ten years earlier.

Information stories from AP Following motions from the prosecution and each Lopez’s attorney, Steven Lopez was cleared in a Manhattan courtroom.

Police detained 15-year-old Lopez in connection with the rape and abuse of jogger Trisha Meili, 28, as well as five other Black and Latino minors. Prior to reaching a deal with the prosecutors, the adolescent entered a guilty plea to the lower charge. On the same night, he and a number of other people were charged with mugging a male jogger. Before being released in the early 1990s, Lopez spent more than three years in prison.

Lopez, who is now 48, exited the courtroom without speaking to reporters or issuing a press release. His attorney, Eric Shapiro Renfroe, said that his client was currently seeking privacy.

Prosecutor Concluded Teenagers Confession Was Flawed

Trisha Meili was in a coma for 12 days after the assault which led to the conviction of Lopez and 5 different youngsters. Her assault occurred on an evening when a number of different individuals had been attacked within the park by teams of youths.

5 youngsters convicted served six to 13 years in jail. Their convictions had been thrown out in 2002 after proof linked a convicted serial rapist and assassin, Matias Reyes, to the assault. Reyes confessed to investigators he alone had been accountable for Meili’s assault.

Through the listening to, the protection lawyer advised his consumer:
Teenagers’ confession was flawed, the prosecutor said After the incident that resulted in Lopez and 5 other kids being found guilty, Trisha Meili spent 12 days in a coma. Her attack took place on a night when several other people had been attacked in the park by young groups.

Six to thirteen years were served in prison by five juvenile offenders. Evidence linking convicted serial rapist and assassin Matias Reyes to the assault led to the overturning of their convictions in 2002. Investigators were informed by Reyes that Meili’s assault had been his own responsibility.

The protection attorney gave his client the following advice after listening to him.

“I think what happened to you was a grave injustice and a tragedy for America. I’m glad that DA Bragg and I are here here at this time so that we may give you your name once more.

In Lopez’s case, prosecutors came to the conclusion that the children’s confessions, which they had given after lengthy interrogations, were gravely faulty. On Monday, prosecutors claimed that statements linking Lopez to the violence that evening also lacked credibility.

In documents filed at the time in the trial, they stated, “A comparison of the statements reveals serious disparities.” The five defendants’ accounts “differ[ed] on the specific particulars of nearly every significant aspect of the crime.”

Later, in their lawsuit depositions, the five separate teens who had been connected to Lopez in the jogger attacks retracted their claims. The Central Park 5 eventually obtained a $40 million settlement from the town, becoming known as the “Exonerated 5” in the process. Since then, books, television shows, and movies have all depicted these stories.

Lopez has not been compensated,

Central park joggers, STECHITEGIST

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