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Three Reasons Against Using a Plastic Loofah When Bathing

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Some of us use plastic loofahs as a popular bathing accessory. It can make foamy stuff from your soap and effectively cleanses your body.


Plastic loofahs are not the best option for you to use when showering because if you are not careful, you could become sick, claims Healthline. The following are some justifications for not using it for bathing:

1) Plastic loofahs can spread skin infections in addition to being bad for the skin. If kept damp, the loofah sponges retain bacteria and can serve as a breeding ground for several contagious species.


If you have the time to thoroughly clean and dry your loofah, you might not experience any issues. However, utilizing a loofah to bathe your skin is not beneficial for you if you are the type of person who lacks the time to clean and dry it.

2) This inexpensive plastic loofah might take a very long time to decompose after use. The outer layer is harmed when you rub it on your skin.


This is as a result of how harsh it is. Use of a plastic loofah can result in minor skin redness and long-term skin damage if you have extremely sensitive skin.

3) Because the skin around the genitals is so delicate, experts strongly advise against using them there. The less plastic that a woman’s body is exposed to, the better because of how hormonally sensitive it is.

Some women have switched to the traditional plant-based loofah because they can’t live without it. After being bathed in water, this may be eco-friendly and soft on your skin.


To avoid any microbial growth, you must strive to keep it dry. A straightforward method would be to thoroughly rinse it after each usage and then sun dry it, just like you would your towel. You shouldn’t use a loofah if you can’t keep to this rule.


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