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Timothy Fehring Cause of Death: Biography, Age, High School, Family, Sickness, Parents

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Tim Fehring passed away while traveling to Europe with his school. He was a year nine student at Melbourne’s Blackburn High School.

The passing of Timothy Fehring was reported on 10 News First Melbourne. After two years had passed since his passing, his parents also spoke to the media.

Melbourne youngster Timothy Fehring passed away in 2019 while on a field trip. Barbara and Phillip (Dale) Fhering welcomed him into the world on August 2, 2003 in Malvern, Victoria.

Timothy Fehring, STECHITEGIST

He was the younger of two children, and his sister Emma was six years his senior. His household is based in Ringwood North. In 2017, Tim (as he is known in his family) enrolled in Blackburn High School’s Year 7.

As part of the Blackburn High School Biennial International Cultural Tour, he had gone to Europe in June 2019 while studying German in Year 9. He began throwing up as soon as the team arrived in Berlin, and Ms. Taylor, the school’s business manager, claimed that this was due to hot food consumed during the flight, as noted in the coroner’s report.

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He vomited again on the second day of the trip, but the teachers who had accompanied him believed he might have been home sick. Tim had stopped eating and had lost his appetite, but it was urged that he continue to drink water.

The following day, when his health began to deteriorate, he asked his mother whether she thought he should go back home. His parents also speculated that he might be home sick. His mother later requested that the staff send him to the hospital because he was not improving after taking a number of medications.

His constipation and homesickness, according to the hospital doctor, were contributing factors to his condition. The group left Berlin after four days and headed to Austria.

Timothy Fehring, STECHITEGIST

Tim’s parents agreed for him to return home as an unaccompanied juvenile once they got there because of his deteriorating condition. His condition deteriorated, though, just as the staff was about to send him home, and he was transported to the hospital.

He was unable to be saved, and on July 28, 2019, he passed away.

According to the coroner’s reports, Timothy Fehring suffered from hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy. During his brief time in Europe, he had dropped five kg, frequently threw up, had problems eating, felt exhausted, and had trouble walking.

The loss of Timothy Fehring still breaks the hearts of his family. He passed away while his school was touring Europe. They said that because the personnel continued blaming Tim’s illness on homesickness, they believe the staff mishandled Tim’s medical care.

Barbara, Tim’s mother, however, believes that they will be more cautious the next time and that things will be different in terms of the student’s health and safety.

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Timothy Fehring, STECHITEGIST

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