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Tony Ornato: Biography, Age, Wife, career, Salary, Wikipedia, Family, relationship, Net-worth

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The wife of Tony Ornato is a subject of interest for some. Some online users are discussing his personal life in the wake of his retirement announcement.

He made his intention to retire known. He had served as Trump’s political adviser in the White House. He announced his retirement and intention to pursue employment in the private sector in a statement to CNN. He added that he has been considering retiring for more than a year.

Tony Ornato and his wife had a happy marriage. The specifics of his private life, though, have remained a secret.

Despite having spent more than two decades working for the Secret Service, he gained notoriety when he served in Trump’s administration. He has recently gained attention because it is said that he saw the incidents involving Trump during the Capitol protests on January 6.

According to some accounts, Melissa Navaroli is the previous assistant director’s wife. She is James and Joyce Navaroli’s child.

There are rumors that the couple has two kids. Similarly, Melissa is reportedly in her late 40s.

Her academic and professional history are not further described online. Ornato doesn’t have any social media accounts that could reveal details about his private life, either.

Before announcing his retirement, Tony Ornato served as an assistant director for the US Secret Service. According to Glassdoor data from 2018, the agency pays an assistant director $88k.

However, the Connecticut native has experience working for the Secret Service in a number of divisions. He worked as a special agent and had positions in the Protective Operations, Criminal Investigations, and Presidential Protective Division.

During the presidencies of George W. Bush, Barack Obama, and Donald Trump, he worked in the Presidential Protective Division. But after serving for three years in the Trump administration’s presidential protective division, he was granted the extraordinary permission to temporarily take a leave of absence to work as a White House political counselor.

His role as a guardian of the President was transformed into that of a manager, in control of all security, travel, information technology, military operations, scheduling, and operational logistics.

A political counselor at the White House can earn between $47,210 and $162,500 per year. The top advisors can earn up to $160,000 annually, compared to a typical income of up to $99,000.


Tony Ornato worked with the Secret Service for 25 years of his life. In 1997, he started working there. Before working for the organization, he spent two years as a police officer in Waterbury, Connecticut.

Although he served in a variety of divisions and capacities inside the organization, he only became well-known after he was employed by Trump’s administration. The former President revealed that Ornato would serve as his political counselor in December 2019.

He oversaw a staff of more than 5,000 people and an estimated $800 million budget at the time. He and his group handled the management and administration. They also assisted with overseeing finances, managing human resources, and providing medical care.

He had a look at the President’s assigned residence staff as well as the Executive Office of the President complex. In addition, he was in charge of Camp David, the Presidential Airlift Group, the Presidential Marine Helicopter Squadron, the White House Communications Agency, and more.

He might have made enough money throughout his 25 years of service. He hasn’t yet provided information on his net worth, though. His family operated a tavern close to New Haven, and that is all that is known about him. It was well-liked by police officers and firefighters.


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