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Top 9 highest paying jobs in Nigeria 2022

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Despite Nigeria’s reputation as the second-worst country for poverty, the following highest paying jobs in Nigeria paint a different picture.

What are the highest paying jobs in Nigeria? Many people are worried about the availability of well-paying jobs in Nigeria because the country’s minimum wage is set at a pitiful 30,000 NGN and the naira is no longer one of Africa’s strongest currencies.
One of the highest-paying occupations in Nigeria can be your greatest alternative if you want to live opulently off of your wage and are tired of patronizing Nigerian loan apps, a frequent local trend.
These are all highly sought-after professions in Nigeria with significant earning potential. This page also covers the highest paying government jobs in Nigeria, high paying employment in Nigeria without a degree, and what a reasonable salary in Nigeria is.
Consider ways to make money online in Nigeria in 16 various nations, even though they are not the majority of the occupations on our list of the highest-paying jobs in Nigeria, so that you may live comfortably.

The highest paying jobs in Nigeria are:

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9.Marine engineer

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Marine engineering, which may pay up to 7,000,000 NGN per month and does not necessarily require a tertiary degree, is the ninth highest paying job in Nigeria. As a result, Nigeria’s top high paying employment without a degree are marine engineers.
In Nigeria, marine engineers—also referred to as boat mechanics—design, build, test, and repair mostly watercraft.
But in broader contexts, their duties also include regulating coastal development, including the establishment of beaches, marinas, ports, estuaries, and offshore oil rigs.
Marine construction is one of the top paying occupations in Nigeria because it is a labor-intensive and team-oriented industry. The marine engineer needs to be able to lead a team, communicate clearly, and teach well.
Then, he must be able to use the most advanced computer tools, be creative, cautious, and innovative, have a strong sense of responsibility, be able to think critically, and possess a solid understanding of logic, science, and technology.

8.Anaesthetic nurse

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One of the top paying jobs in Nigeria, anaesthetic nurses are responsible for the wellbeing of patients receiving local or general anesthesia.
In the operating room, an anaesthetic nurse collaborates closely with the resuscitation anesthesiologist and is responsible for reassuring patients and outlining the course of the operation.
They welcome the patient into the operating room, where they have already set up the anesthetic supplies before giving the anesthetic and keeping an eye on the patient’s condition throughout the surgery.
Anaesthesia nurses support their coworkers by providing nursing care, managing equipment and medications, and holding one of the top paying jobs in Nigeria. They oversee the postoperative healing process and modify the therapy to meet the needs of the patient.
To ensure the safety of the patients, these professionals may also assist during ambulance transport. Anaesthesia nursing is the eighth most paying profession in Nigeria due to the broad scope of its duties.

7.Underwater welder

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Underwater welding is one of the top paying professions in Nigeria because of the precise nuances involved. In the underwater environment, an underwater welder offers technical interventions such as upkeep, research, knowledge, and safety of submerged elements.
Underwater welders with scuba diving training can find employment in the military, emergency structures, industrial companies, public works corporations, and Nigeria’s first two are the most lucrative.
Underwater welding may need to spend weeks or even months away from home, depending on the intervention. This varies depending on the industry or governmental sector, as well as the nature of the interventions and the work done.
While on-call duty and weekends, holidays, and nights are usually involved with welding underwater, many people find comfort in the fact that it’s one of the top paying occupations in Nigeria for those without a degree.
Remember that this activity is carried out under risky conditions, such as high pressure, in an enclosed space, or under other restrictions. As a result, underwater welding is one of the most dangerous jobs in Nigeria and also ranks seventh in terms of remuneration.

6.Biomedical engineer

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The biomedical engineer specializes on cutting-edge supplies and tools for the healthcare sector, hospitals, and medical personnel. Experts in this profession use the most advanced ways of diagnosis, treatment, and help technologies, making it the sixth highest paying occupation in Nigeria.
These highly compensated professionals are in charge of every equipment, including pacemakers, prosthetics, MRIs, and everything from scanners to knives.
Biomedical engineers design, supervise correct use and upkeep, plan the acquisition of new equipment, and help hospital administration with technical decisions while working with a team of specialists.
To ensure that medical and nursing staff can use the devices properly, biomedical engineers also offer training sessions.
Since specialists in the field are familiar with the rules that must be followed to prevent patient harm, it is one of the top paying professions in Nigeria.
They have a say in the establishment’s financial choices because petitions from other departments are arbitrated with their advice in mind.
Research and development companies for medical equipment may hire biomedical engineers as well.

5.Aeronautical maintenance engineer

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Aeronautical maintenance engineers, who are in charge of repairing commercial and military aircraft, helicopters, space launches, satellites, and missiles, have the fifth-highest paying employment in Nigeria.
Since teams in today’s globalized industries are transnational, you must constantly learn new information if you want to stay on the cutting edge of technology.


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Music is the top paying occupation in Nigeria and one of the fastest-growing non-governmental sectors in the world. According to streaming services alone, this line of work earns an average of $2,200 per million views or plays, with the wealthiest musicians earning substantially more after add-ons, incentives, and endorsement deals.
Opera, jazz, rock, variety, or afrobeat—a genre unique to the area—are among the specialties available to musicians. The musician interprets a repertoire, which enables him to pinpoint his artistic sense and target audience in order to ensure the interpretation of the works.
In order to preserve and enhance their vocal range, expressiveness, vocal tone, physical resistance, and technique, the musician must practice every day.
He divides his time between practicing, recording in the studio, performing live, and doing publicity work like appearing on radio and TV, participating in events, etc.
Musicians must constantly assess their work and dedicate themselves to growing both technically and aesthetically if they want to consistently reap the benefits of this high paying Nigerian profession without a degree.
Musicians need to keep a regular audition, practice, and performance schedule in order to build a successful career.
A musician’s daily schedule typically consists of numerous trips, local tours, recitals, TV appearances, and festivals, among other things.

3.Remote worker

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The highest paying professions in Nigeria are those that allow for remote work, like software development, programming, journalism, and writing.
The capacity to complete tasks outside of a corporate environment is one of the key trends for employment in the twenty-first century.
Remote workers in Nigeria can access this market from the comfort of their homes because positions in Europe and the United States offer the greatest pay in the globe.
An employee of a web-based company, like the BBC or the Daily Mail, for instance, makes an average salary of 38 million NGN per year. For even the smallest organizations abroad, programmers and software engineers earn salaries that are north of 45 million NGN.
Many companies have proven that it is no longer necessary for their employees to report for work and be in the same place for the business to succeed. Remote work has therefore grown in popularity.
The term “remote work,” also referred to as “teleworking,” refers to carrying out professional tasks remotely while using technology to accomplish tasks and communicate with coworkers. For Nigerians with time and mobility restrictions, such as housewives, this has proven to be one of the top paying vocations.
Remote work is becoming more and more popular among businesses and employees, both for convenience and resource conservation reasons. Additionally, it permits flexible working hours, a characteristic that workers all over the world are coming to cherish more and more.


Aliko Dangote, the richest man in Africa, built his fortune through business, making entrepreneurship the second-highest paying profession in Nigeria.
According to data from the National Bureau of Statistics, Micro, Small, and Medium-Sized Enterprises (MSMEs) are responsible for about 80% of the nation’s employment and for half of Nigeria’s GDP.
A self-employed business owner who also bears personal liability for the company’s debts is referred to as an entrepreneur. It is the highest paying position in Nigeria for those without a degree, and they must fund projects from the treasury.
One of the highest-paying positions in Nigeria is that of the entrepreneur, who serves as the company’s manager and is responsible for the budget, marketing plans, and commercial strategy. For daily advancement, this professional needs to gather human, financial, and material resources.

The business owner may directly approach lending platforms for funding or may offer his project idea to potential investors such as banks, leading venture capital firms, and potential business partners.
Beginnings for the project could be difficult, with little or no input of funds and the possibility of rejection, failure, or insolvency. The average return on investment is very significant, making it one of the highest paying jobs in Nigeria, thus persistence is advised.

1.Petroleum engineer

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Petroleum engineering, which comprises identifying and producing oil deposits, is the best paying profession in Nigeria because oil and gas are the backbone of the country’s economy.
The highest earners in this industry might make up to 6 million NGN per month given that Nigeria has the highest oil production in Africa in Q1 2022 (1.49 million barrels per day on average) (72 million p.a).
They are typically asked to work on offshore installations (at sea) or on land. The distinctive facets of oil extraction, such as deposits, drilling, installation, production, research, and processing, are the focus of their work.
Petroleum engineers oversee the operational program, develop and manage the equipment, research the most effective methods, and ensure that safety rules are being followed. This profession earns the highest salary in Nigeria.
Regardless of their academic credentials, average people find it incredibly challenging to enter Nigeria’s top levels of the petroleum business, at least legally.

What is a good salary in Nigeria?

To offset the higher cost of living in some cities, pay for the same occupation may differ across the country. In Nigeria, a good wage is one that enables workers to maintain the regional quality of living.
A monthly salary of 100,000 NGN may be seen as enough given the higher cost of living and transportation in major cities like Lagos and Abuja, as well as the deplorable condition of the naira, which is not one of Africa’s strongest currencies.
However, a monthly wage of 50,000 to 60,000 NGN might be regarded as fair in more rural towns like Bauchi and Sokoto, where housing prices are relatively low and transportation expenditures are less expensive.
This pay scale has been considered in view of the fact that Nigeria is the nation with the second-highest percentage of citizens who live in poverty.
You may determine whether you are living within your means by applying the 50-30-20 guideline. Your take-home pay should be split as follows: 50% should go toward meeting your needs (such as housing, health care, food, child care, and transportation); 30% should be used for personal expenses; and 20% should be set aside for savings.
Conduct a salary search for your position in your area. If you are struggling to make ends meet, think about lowering your costs or increasing your income.

What jobs are in demand in Nigeria?

Demand for positions in the digital business has significantly increased since the Corona lockdown. Web development and digital marketing are only a couple of the chances available in line with the need for online careers.

The Nigerian jobs that are now in demand are:

  • Full Stack Developers: The creation and upkeep of websites fall within their purview. Because of the lockdown, online employment is favoured across all industries, and demand for this position has increased. If you are interested in coding and are familiar with languages like Java, CSS, and Python, you could try to work in this field.

  • Digital Marketing: This is the ideal occupation if you are creative and interested in marketing, particularly brand-building. The requirement for digital marketing has grown dramatically in recent years along with the need for online labor among enterprises.

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highest paying, STECHITEGIST

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