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Tracy Murphy From Asha Farm Sanctuary: Biography, Family, Career, Crime, Age, Height

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Asha’s Farm Sanctuary owner Tracy Murphy, 59, was taken into custody on Tuesday for grand larceny in the third degree.

The now-accused woman has been in charge of Asha’s Farm Sanctuary for nearly ten years. She is also a resident of Newfane, New York, in the United States.


According to Murphy, her property provides a safe haven for farm animals. Her LinkedIn profile claims that Asha is home to Albert the Super Cow and his barnyard friends, which also include hens, donkeys, turkeys, pigs, lambs, a blind cow, a mother cow, and amusing steers.

In 2014, Tracy left her highly lucrative job as an Assistant Vice President at the global organization HSBC to focus solely on running our Sanctuary.

She has extensive business, organizational, and leadership skills thanks to her time spent at HSBC, where she served as the officer-in-charge for global project management.

Tracy obtained both a master’s degree in leadership (2009-2014) and a bachelor’s degree in management (2005-2009) from the prestigious Duquesne University.

She lives with a rescued dog named Samsara and a rescued cat named Scarlet. She lost her cherished pets Asha and Beemer, who were her greatest lifelong friends, in 2012 and 2017.

Six months after Beemer, her English Mastiff boyfriend of twelve years, Odin, went suddenly just before Christmas. Tracy rescued him in 2008 after he had been left at an animal shelter. Tracy just saved two stray kittens that she had earlier caught shortly before winter.

Additionally, she founded and worked as a community organizer for Buffalo Vegan Society from January 1998 until November 2014.

She even organized a fundraiser for Greyson’s cow, Williow. The cow was the subject of a dispute between Asha and her owner, Greyson, who claimed she had been stealing his cows.

After hearing about her detention online, the owner of Asha Farm was taken into custody today and charged with third-degree grand theft.

It sounds so strange if someone is detained for stealing domestic animals, which is what occurred.


Two cows, which Murphy claimed wandered onto her farm, were suspected of being stolen by the 59-year-old Murphy. According to her, two cows, Little Willow and Ishamel arrived at her Sanctuary around July 16.

Murphy claims that she reported their wanderings to SPCA the same day. She revealed that the alleged owner had called her after reporting and told the truth along with excitement to work together.

Both cows were found by the New York State Police officers, who returned them to their proper owners.

The lost cows’ owner is Scott Gregson, who runs the beef cattle farm Mckee Farm next to Sanctuary. Gregson claims he last saw his livestock when the domesticator went to feed them.

On July 16, he claims, they found their cows were missing, and the SPCA notified him that they were located at a sanctuary. He continued by saying that his kids were also curious about the status of the cattle’s return.

While Gregson only wants his animals to go home, Murphy expresses hope that she and the owner may come to a settlement. Murphy was transported to SP Lockport for processing before being returned to the Niagara County jail to await his arraignment.

Asha Sanctuary located Greyson’s two lost cows, and they posted a video of them declaring they would not surrender any animals intended for slaughter.

She obtained money for the cow by claiming one of them was ill, and she received $40,000 of the $50,000 needed after paying for medical expenses from March to May.

Murphy claimed that she had no choice but to capture the cattle rather than allow them to go hurt or shot in the wild. In the accused cattle rustling case, local farmers have gone to the streets yelling, “Release the Beef!” Even yet, the animal rights organization Asha’s Farm Sanctuary demands proof of ownership and declines to release the animals.

On July 25, Lockport police officers rushed to Murphy’s house to rescue the cows. the SPCA, the owner of the cows, and the fights.

The reports state that when Murphy objected to returning the cows, a warrant was then executed for the cattle farmer’s arrest and the return of the livestock.

The cows have already been found and are now back with their owner.

Murphy is arguing for the cattle’s welfare as well as asking for board and compensation for each animal she has taken in. The claim is for $100 per day on the board, even though Murphy calculates that the cost of feeding the cattle is closer to $5 per day.

To resolve their disagreement on the two heads of cattle, both parties have sought the advice of attorneys. Even though they are not Asha’s Farm Sanctuary’s property, the campaigners are not eager to give them up just away.



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