Twenty babies born in seven years at Edo IDP camp - Official
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Twenty babies born in seven years at Edo IDP camp – Official

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Twenty kids have been born in the IDP camp in Uhogua, Ovia North-East Local Government Area, in seven years, according to Evelyn Omijie, Assistant Coordinator.

This was revealed by Ms. Omijie in a Sunday interview.

“The babies were born to married, young IDP couples who were permitted to remain together.


We found no evidence of unintended pregnancies among the camp’s singles. The camp follows a set of rules, one of which being the separation of the living spaces for men and women.

Additionally, neither the ladies nor the males are ever permitted to visit the other’s residential space.

She added, “We also educate values and help them understand that they already have enough on their plates, living in the camp because they were displaced, so it is important that they have a meaningful life and not harm themselves.”

She claimed that the management of the camp has been able to guarantee and maintain the sanity of the IDPs in the camp with the help of such guidance, counseling, and training.

All they want, he claimed, is to be someone in life with guidance and counseling.

The IDPs were performing outstandingly well in their studies, according to the assistant coordinator.

She said that one of the IDPs scored 298 in the recently completed 2022 Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME).

Out of the 156 people that took the test, she said that a number of them scored higher than 280.

Additionally, she mentioned that more than 100 IDPs were now taking the Senior and Junior West African Examination Council (WAEC) exams, respectively, and expressed confidence in their success.

“Due to a lack of funding, we had hoped to enroll several IDPs in the NECO examination.

“We are pleading with education organizations, non-governmental organizations, all tiers of government, private citizens, and business organizations to support the IDPs by providing scholarships and funding for their education.

This is essential, she added, because you’ll be glad you did when they eventually accomplish their educational goal and you’ll be a part of their success tale.

Ms. Omijie also made a public appeal for help and support so that the camp administration could provide the IDPs with regular meals.

We don’t have food in our warehouse right now, so all we have is what we offer to them, which is even of a worse quality and amount.

But some assert that a piece of bread is better than none. We are pleading with everyone to help these children, who are suffering from consequences of their own doing, she said.

She also urged pharmaceutical firms to donate all kinds of medications, including anti-malarial drugs and antibiotics, to the camp.

The IDP camp of Christian Home for the Needy, a home for orphans, was mostly unknown until the beginning of 2015.

The ICCM IDPs camp in Uhogua has developed into a facility that shapes homeless and orphaned kids into graduates and responsible adults.

About 2,000 people live in the camp, including staff and IDPs. Most of them are Christians from Borno and Adamawa.



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