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Two Countries In The World That Don’t Have Independence Day

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1. Denmark

Nestled between Sweden, Norway, and Germany, Denmark, and regarded as the southernmost part of the Scandinavian countries, the Kingdom of Denmark is a nation located in the Northern part of the European continent.

Denmark is one of the only two countries in the world that do not have Independence Day. The other being United Kingdom. According to cphpost, the reason why Denmark doesn’t have an Independence Day is as a result of the fact that the nation have never been under a history of occupation and colonisation by other nations for a long period of time. According to republicworld, Danish people do not celebrate Independence Day, instead they only celebrate Constitution Day which usually takes place on fifth of June every year.

2. United Kingdom

Located in the northwestern coast of mainland Europe, the United Kingdom, which comprises of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, is an island country.

Like Denmark, United Kingdom does not have Independence Day. According to Vox, one of the reasons United Kingdom has no independence Day is because the nation started its current-day political state very rapidly, since many centuries ago, rather than in the flash of a revolution, as occured in various other nations. It might interest you to read Barcelona and Manchester United agree fee for 25 year old midfielder, player rejects deal

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