Video As Twitch Streamer Keffals Arrested After Transphobic SWATing
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Video As Twitch Streamer Keffals Arrested After Transphobic SWATing

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After sending a false email to each city councilor in London, Ontario, claiming that she meant to hurt her family and members of the London Parliament, streamer Clara Sorrenti, also known as Keffals, was detained on August 5.

Police confiscated her computers as a result of the raid, which occurred while the streamer was the target of a wave of transphobic abuse that, in her account, was also carried out by the police.

Clara is an outspoken trans broadcaster who has amassed tens of thousands of Twitch followers for both her tenacious refutation of anti-trans talking points and her skill at “ratioing” prominent anti-trans activists on Twitter.

Streamer keffals, STECHITEGIST

On Twitter, a “ratio” occurs when a tweet’s reply receives more likes than the original tweet. Most notably, Clara ratioed transphobe and former children’s book author J.K. Rowling.

Clara claimed that in addition to being detained, the police also filed her using her deadname, which she claimed was not her legal name at the time of her arrest and had not been for more than ten years.

Clara blamed this on the phony emails sent to city council members, which she said included her deadname in a “clear attempt to have the police humiliate me,” in a YouTube video about the event.

watch the video below:

According to Clara, the police visited her mother Catherine Sorrenti on August 5 to do a “health check.” Catherine claims she was perplexed when the cops requested her son.

I said, “My so—my nephew?” to their claim that they had come to inquire about my welfare because they were, oh God, I can’t remember, something about “my son.” According to a transcript Clara gave to Motherboard, Catherine said. And when they said, ‘Clara Sorrenti,’ I knew it was you. “And I said, ‘You mean my nephew,'” they continued. “My daughter, oh my daughter,” I cried.

Streamer keffals, STECHITEGIST

She was notified by the police that they had received an email alleging that Clara had threatened both her mother and London parliamentarians.

Catherine added, “I just kept telling them, ‘No, no she didn’t do it.

In the same transcript, Clara’s brother, Brandon Roberts, claimed that he had previously contacted the police to alert them about the leak of Clara’s address. He claims that the cops advised them that they had no options.

“I only said there was a chance it could happen… They inquired as to “what are they saying on there,” discovered the address, and then stated, “Here’s her address, have fun guys,” according to Roberts. He responds, “That’s not threatening or anything. If they are wishing you harm, he said, that is also not a problem; it is when they promise to do something that it begins to cross the line into harassment. The message he gave me was basically that I could threaten someone with bodily harm but not actually wish them harm.

Clara claimed today that following a police questioning, she was let go without being charged.

Streamer keffals, STECHITEGIST

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