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VIDEO: Ethan Schmidt forced to remove pride flag after homophobic customer harassment

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Ever since he declared he would “hunt” down those who support the LGBTQ community, Ethan Schmidt has been making headlines. He said that by harassing LGBTQ people, he was carrying out “the Lord’s mission.”

The 24-year-old created a social media group called “ANTIMAKERSCLUB” and was against LGBTQ rights.

Due to his anti-Jewish and anti-Black comments, the activist has recently been banned from many social media platforms. Schmidt stated he would use the money to attack people and tried to get money to pay for racist speeches.

Prior to the PetSmart incident, Schmidt had visited other stores and requested that Pride flags be taken down. He continues to target organizations that support LGBTQ persons and spreads untrue rumors that the Pride movement is Satanic.

Ethan Schmidt, an anti-LGBT activist, was expelled from a PetSmart on July 23 after requesting that the cashier remove a Pride flag that was flying next to the register.

Ethan Schmidt forced to remove pride flag, STECHITEGIST

The employee went directly to the boss and requested assistance after Schmidt stated that the rainbow flag “seriously offends” him. Schmidt also condemned the Pride flag by stating:

“That is devil’s work,” someone said. We cannot permit that to occur.
The manager explained that he couldn’t take down the Pride flag when he arrived at the area where people pay because:

“PetSmart believes in belonging, and the LGBTQ community is no exception.”
Schmidt insisted on having the flag taken down despite that, so the store manager instructed him to go. Another employee spoke up in the debate and said:

You need to leave, friend. Here, it is not required. You don’t have to record me, either. It’s cool, but we don’t require it. You can stand outside if you like, but we don’t need you to. The Pride flag will be flying. It is spread throughout our business.

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Ethan Schmidt was finally forced to leave the store after the employee threatened to report him to the police, StechiteGist Media gathered in the video.

Many individuals online denounced Ethan Schmidt’s actions at PetSmart in response to what he did there. He was advised by several Internet users to learn more about the LGBTQ community. He was trying to influence people to do horrible things, and this infuriated a lot of people, who referred to him as a “Karen.” Additionally, several people disagreed with his political stance.

According to a video that just surfaced on Twitter, Schmidt also visited Target and questioned the staff there over their agreement with the “satanic pride campaign.”

Watch the video below:

Ethan Schmidt forced to remove pride flag, STECHITEGIST

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