Video Footage Shows Argentina’s Vice President, Cristina Fernandez Escapes Assasination
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Video Footage Shows Argentina’s Vice President, Cristina Fernandez Escapes Assasination

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A guy was detained on Thursday night after it was alleged that he tried to kill Cristina Fernandez, the vice president of Argentina, by pointing a gun directly at her.

The unidentified individual was reportedly hauled into arrest in a matter of seconds.

In a video from the event that was broadcast on local television stations, the vice president can be seen getting out of her car in front of her home while being mobbed by supporters. A man can also be seen reaching out with what appears to be a gun, causing the vice president to duck upon seeing him.

In the chaos in the Recoleta district of the Argentine capital, the person’s supporters appeared astonished by what was occurring.

“A person with a gun was apprehended by (the vice president’s) security staff after being recognized by others who knew him well. They separated him, discovered the weapon, and now it needs to be examined, according to security minister Anibal Fernandez.

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The minister claimed he didn’t want to reveal too much information until the probe had more information. Regarding the validity of the gun, no formal statement was made.

Unverified video released on social media reveals that Fernandez’s face was almost hit by the pistol.

According to the state-run news organization Telam, the alleged shooter has been named as Fernando Andres Zabak, a Brazilian. His identity was not verified by the authorities.

Government representatives quickly labeled the incident as an assassination attempt despite the fact that many questions remain unanswered.

Economic Minister Sergio Massa said, “When hate and violence are forced over the exchange of ideas, societies are ruined and lead to scenarios like the one experienced today: an assassination attempt.”

In a press release, ministers in President Alberto Fernandez’s administration stated that they “energetically denounce the attempted murder” of the vice president. According to the press release, “What transpired today is of extraordinary severity and affects democracy, institutions, and the rule of law.”

Mauricio Macri, a former president, also condemned the assault. Macri posted on Twitter, “This very serious event demands an urgent and deep clarification by the courts and security forces.”

Cristina Fernandez Escapes Assasination, STECHITEGIST

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