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Watch Full Viral Video of Mary Chirwa | DEC Zambia Observer Trending Online

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Mary Chirwa, who is said to be the Director General of the Drug Enforcement Commission, has been recognized as a lady who features in several steamy movies that also include explicit contents. Mary Chirwa, Zambian Observer video.

The recordings depict a lady playing with her genitalia in a room, and the woman looks much like Mrs. Chirwa. When the videos were originally made public or when they were recorded is unknown.

Several WhatsApp pages are presently hosting the clip, and many users have voiced their disgust with her actions. Others have already urged her immediate resignation and President Hakainde Hichilema’s removal from office.

The DEC Spokesperson, Mathias Kamanga, was unavailable by phone at the time this story was written.


The source claims that Ms. Chirwa and Tukuta had been sexually involved for a while. After an argument sparked by the discovery that the DEC Director General was seeing another man, they have accused the State House photographer of releasing the nude images.

The photographer disclosed the pictures, the source said. The sources claim that Tukuta regularly paid to spend the night at Ms. Chirwa’s home, where he spent a lot of time. “Chellah was constantly there (at Ms. Chirwa’s home, and on the times that he stayed over, he would direct the maid and request that she make certain foods for him. Everyone save for me was aware of it, the insider said.


The second source claims that “they had a fight not long ago when Chellah found out Mary was cheating on him with another guy.” Unfortunately, Chellah was able to act in such a manner against her despite the fact that everyone in the family is aware of what transpired.

The source, when questioned about the veracity of the films, made it clear that the DEC Director General was seen in each of them. “We are acquainted with the bedroom’s interior, including the furnishings and other things that are present there. She is the one who has gone off course, said the source. An effort was made to get a response. Likewise, Tukuta’s efforts were unsuccessful since his mobile phone was off.



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