Watch Viral Video As Greekgodx Is banned from Twitch
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Watch Viral Video As Greekgodx Is banned from Twitch

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Greekgodx was recently suspended from Twitch. The British streamer made waves when it was revealed that he had been expelled from the platform.

The streamer made several contentious, sexist comments on Twitter regarding women. After hearing the news, internet users looked into the reason for his platform suspension.

Greekgodx has become a popular topic on social media as a result of this.

Greekgodx was allegedly banned because of his twerking on live, according to some sources, while many people believed it was because of his allegedly sexist comments.

Before his removal, a number of Redditors and Twitter users posted the streamer’s strange outbursts on various platforms. Let us let you know that the stream’s clips are still accessible.

In this particular video, the streamer can be heard expressing extremely antiquated and sexist views regarding women.

When talking about his dating life, Greekgodx wanted to make it obvious to any potential partners exactly what he expected his girlfriend to do.

The streamer would tell them to cook, clean, and especially not work for pay because he would be the main source of revenue for the family.

As would be expected, his opinions on women in partnerships drew a lot of criticism.

He continued by saying that she would only need to fulfill the duty of caregiver because he would be the one to support her.

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Even OTK and Mizkif were attacked by the streamer, who claimed that they create drama to draw viewers and that he is better than them, StechiteGist Media gathered.

The contentious streamer has faced a lot of criticism from the streaming community, which has stifled his growth.

Since the scandal, both his subscriber growth and concurrent viewership have recently declined.

It goes without saying that anyone who says something controversial on social media is trolled.

It doesn’t really matter if the person is well-liked or not because they will still face criticism if they were to do something.

People have also complained about the declining quality of Greekgodx’s content since the controversy, StechiteGist Media gathered.

Everyone’s attention was drawn to the video of the streaming twerking that appeared on Twitter and Reddit.

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Watch Viral Video As Greekgodx Is banned from Twitch, STECHITEGIST

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