PHOTOS: When Did Queen Elizabeth ii Visit Nigeria? and How Many Times?
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PHOTOS: When Did Queen Elizabeth ii Visit Nigeria? and How Many Times?

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From 1953 until 1963, the Queen (Queen Elizabeth II) served as Nigeria’s Head of State in accordance with Nigeria’s constitution. She was referred to as the Queen of Nigeria.

Queen Elizabeth ii visit, STECHITEGIST

The United Kingdom and the other commonwealth countries are ruled by the Queen. Up until the end of the Republic in 1963, Queen Elizabeth presided as the country of Nigeria was ruled by the British. As the head of state of colonized Nigeria, she carried certain ceremonial tasks.

Queen Elizabeth ii made two trips to Nigeria.

In 1956, from January 28 to February 16, she made her first visit to Nigeria as a part of her royal tour of Commonwealth nations. There was a lot of ceremony around her entrance.

Queen Elizabeth ii visit, STECHITEGIST

Sir James Robertson, the governor-general, Festus Okotie-Eboh, the then-minister of Labour and Welfare, as well as many other heads of state and traditional authorities welcomed her at the airport.

She landed at Lagos State, which served as the previous capital. A Rolls Royce was used to transport her. She visited Lagos and many other destinations as part of a royal trip. Additionally, she went to Northern Nigeria where she met with the Sultan of Sokoto. The Queen also visited Kaduna, Enugu, Jos, Kano, and Kaduna.

Queen Elizabeth II traveled to Nigeria in December 2003 to attend the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) in Abuja. She passed away at the age of 96 on September 8, 2022. She had previously spent 20 days in Nigeria in 1956, making this her second trip there.

The Queen was obviously happy when it was all over. She praised the Nigerian Government in her remarks for inviting her back following her initial trip there in 1956.

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Despite significant changes since then, the Queen remarked, “The warmth of the Nigerian greeting is a constant, and we have again been touched by the gracious reception we have been given.”

She praised Nigeria’s efforts at development and its restoration to democracy in 1999, saying that it had “an vital voice on global concerns.”

Queen Elizabeth ii visit, STECHITEGIST

The Queen exhorted the Obasanjo Government to maintain the flame of liberty. A Nigerian adage is quoted as saying, “Never start a journey if you have no plan to finish it,” the Queen remarked.

“Mr. President, Nigeria’s continued progress toward democracy and development is important to the United Kingdom and the other Commonwealth nations. Without enduring success in Nigeria, which includes democracy, there will be no lasting prosperity in Africa. And without that prosperity in Africa, there can be no permanent prosperity in our globe while remaining morally upright.

The Queen had assured the success of the Abuja CHOGM by setting the tone for it. Queen Elizabeth II’s position as head of the Commonwealth has no official duties, but her attendance and remarks had considerable symbolic value and emphasized the idea of the Commonwealth as a family of states.

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She took part in a number of events during her 2003 visit in order to disseminate the Commonwealth’s message of equality, peace, and democracy.

Queen Elizabeth ii visit, STECHITEGIST

The book, which was first released in 2005 by West African Book Publishers Limited, has gained more significance in the light of Queen Elizabeth II’s passing. It is a collection of images that depict the history, personality, organizational structure, and potential of the Commonwealth. It offers a minute-by-minute account of the CHOGM 2003 discussions and subsequent conclusions.

“It is an accurate description of the important events and activities that took place during that historic conference,” President Obasanjo said in the book’s foreword. Additionally, it perfectly portrays the character and soul of the Commonwealth as a prestigious multinational organization.

For important libraries and institutions in Nigeria and the wider Commonwealth, the President continued, Runsewe’s timeless contribution “is a store of worth and helpful reference material.”

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“This publication will continue to serve as a reminder to all readers of the fundamental values that unite the Commonwealth Nations in a partnership for world peace and prosperity.”

Queen Elizabeth ii visit, STECHITEGIST

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