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“Why I stopped Visiting Tinubu and his Family” – Tee Mac Omatshola

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Tee Mac Omatshola Iseli, a renowned flutist and former president of the Performing Musicians Association of Nigeria (PMAN), has urged Nigerians not to support Bola Tinubu for president in the 2023 elections because he is older than he claims and therefore unqualified to lead the nation.

Tee Mac, who acknowledged being Tinubu’s in-law, remarked that the former Lagos governor’s entire life was too wrapped in secrecy to be handed the responsibility of governing Nigeria.

The musician claimed that Tinubu was 86 years old and not 70 in a response to a Facebook post by one Yemi Olakitan, who was endorsing the politician.

Because of all the unanswered questions surrounding his life, he asked Nigerians not to vote for him, emphasizing that he was unfit to serve as president of the nation.

For instance, he emphasized that Tinubu’s age, background, and source of income controversy remained unsolved.

“Anyone can choose any candidate, but a wise person will reflect on their decision and wonder if they made the right one. Is the man competent? Is he sincere? Has he been honest with us about his age, background, and source of income? Is this man, who is 86 years old, in good enough health to lead a completely destitute nation? stated Tee Mac.

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The flutist claims that Tee Mac stopped going to see Tinubu after the politician sold President Muhammadu Buhari to Nigerians in 2015. He also claims that, despite being his in-law, Tee Mac won’t support Tinubu’s ambition to rule Nigeria.

“You see, Tinubu is my in-law. My cousin Remi is married to him. My Itsekiri mother is a sister to her Itsekiri mother. Since the middle of the 1980s, I have known Tinubu personally. When he went into exile in London, I even made arrangements for him to stay in my stepfather’s home, Sir Mobolaji Bank-Anthony.

“When he sold that Buhari to the nation in 2015, I stopped being his supporter and stopped going to see my family, etc. He wrote, “My advice to the country is that this man is not at all qualified to be our future president. It might interest you to read “Reducing UTME cut-off marks will worsen education standards” – University VC


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