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Why Tiktok is set to ban political fundraising, ads

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Why Tiktok is set to ban political fundraising, STECHITEGIST

TikTok, a platform for sharing videos, has announced changes to its guidelines for political accounts on the service.

Stechitegist Media reports that the company’s President for Global Business Solutions, Blake Chandlee, said in a statement distributed through its news site on Wednesday that although the company “has long prohibited political advertising,” stricter measures have been introduced to ensure that political figures no longer have access to advertising features on the platform.

“TikTok has long prohibited political advertising, including both paid ads on the platform and creators being paid directly to make branded content.” According to the statement

“We currently do that by prohibiting political content in an ad, and we’re also now applying restrictions at an account level.

This will enable us to more consistently implement our current policy since accounts associated with politicians and political parties will immediately have access to advertising features disabled.

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They won’t be able to use services like giving, tipping, and e-commerce, and they won’t qualify for our Creator Fund.

Governments, politicians, and political parties’ accounts won’t typically be able to send or receive money using TikTok’s monetization capabilities, or spend money promoting their content, as a result of these changes and our current restriction on political advertising.

Government entities will be permitted to advertise in “certain circumstances,” including public health and safety, Chandlee stated. They will, however, be obliged to collaborate with a TikTok representative in certain circumstances.

Mandatory account verification for “accounts belonging to governments, politicians, and political parties” is another modification made to the platform. The United States will be the first country to implement this new regulation as the nation heads toward its midterm elections.

To “find a balance between allowing people to discuss the topics that are relevant to their lives while also maintaining the creative, entertaining platform that our community deserves,” the announcement claims that this action is being taken.

“We will also prevent these accounts from using other monetization services. It might interest you to read Watch fotage of woman who raids bank to pay for her sister Cancer treatment

Why Tiktok is set to ban political fundraising, STECHITEGIST

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