Will Ripley Lawless Be Banned? Controversies, Sexual Assaults, Twitter, Valorant Player
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Will Ripley Lawless Be Banned? Controversies, Sexual Assaults, Twitter, Valorant Player

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The gamer who started an online trend for her comparison of teasing another player to sexual assault is Ripley Lawless. She belongs to the Galorants Discord, a community set up to assist female and non-binary Valorant gamers.

She then voiced her opinion at that point. Naturally, the community and other gamers reacted to her statement right away. But two of the guys got into a contentious argument over the matter.

Online gamer Ripley Lawless plays games. Due to her comments regarding teabagging and sexual assault, she has been a trending topic online since last month.

In the online gaming community, Ripley Lawless’s one statement caused chaos and uproar, but she hasn’t officially addressed the situation. She also deleted her social media accounts.

Dawn Park and Vivian Risorah Dela Cruz have received three- and nine-month bans, respectively. They were isolated and accused of making derogatory comments that targeted and harassed another player before the story broke.

Risorah was accused of harassing the player and making filthy comments that isolated them, while Dawn was expelled for making “vulgar and targeted” comments on another user’s social network account.

Although the victim’s name has not been made public by the news media, everyone is aware that it was Ripley Lawless. She uses the same name on social media even though it is an alias.

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In one of her posts on Galorants Discord, Ripley Lawless linked teabagging to sexual assault. There has been teabagging for many years. Even though it is a virtual sexual act, some argue that it is worse than actual sexual assault.

Dawn added that one of her friends had suffered the same abuse. She further asserted that she had witnessed SA occurring in broad daylight, which is incomparable to hiding in a video game. She was outraged about it as a result, and many other readers also expressed their displeasure and irritation in the comments.

In a similar vein, Risorah declared that she would be accountable for her deeds and that, as of just now, neither Valorant nor competitive knew what would become of her.

Perhaps Ripley Lawless won’t be prohibited. However, other individuals felt that she ought to be banned.

She nevertheless sparked a contentious discussion with the other two players about the divergence with her viewpoint. The problem worsens when the other two members are charged with harassing her and making derogatory remarks about her.

They were consequently temporarily banned for breaking community rules. She has also removed her social media account in the wake of the issue.

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Ripley Lawless, STECHITEGIST

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