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Will Smith Finally Speaks forward To Apologies To Chris Rock

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There is no part of me that believes that was the correct way to behave, the actor said plainly after being barred from 10 years of Academy events, including the Oscars.

The actor said he had been “doing a lot of thinking and personal work” since the Oscars and was “trying not to think of myself as a piece of s***” in a reel posted on his Instagram account.

“Chris, I apologize,” he said. My actions were improper. And I’m there whenever you want to talk.

Smith said that he had spoken with Rock personally, but that a reply had stated that Rock was “not ready to talk.”

Additionally, Chris Rock’s family, especially his mother, who Smith claimed to have witnessed being questioned about the incident, received his apology.

“You know, I didn’t think about how many people got harmed in that instant,” he continued. I therefore wish to apologize to Chris’s mother.

Before the tape starts, Smith is heard taking numerous deep breathes.


He responds to inquiries from fans and followers while seated alone, saying: “You have asked a lot of legitimate questions.”

Smith stated that he was “fogged out” when asked why he did not apologize to Chris Rock at the time.

It’s all hazy, he said, but I can assure you that no part of me believes that was the appropriate course of action at the time.

There is no part of me that believes that is the best response to being disrespected or insulted.

In March, as Rock was preparing to give an award at the Oscars event in Los Angeles, Smith entered the stage and smacked Rock, who had made a joke about the actor’s wife, actress Jada Pinkett Smith.

Once more standing up, Smith said, “Keep my wife’s name out of your f lips!” twice.

In Rock’s joke, the actress Demi Moore’s 1997 movie GI Jane, in which she shaved her head, was mentioned. The comedian’s knowledge of Pinkett Smith’s alopecia, an autoimmune disorder that results in hair loss, is still up for debate.

In his speech, he admitted that his actions had also taken from other nominees a significant moment.

Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson, a musician and filmmaker, had just received the Academy Award for best documentary feature while Smith was presenting it.

Additionally, Smith claimed that he could “still see the look in Questlove’s eyes.”

To all of my fellow nominees, he continued, “It truly pains my heart to have taken and ruined your moment. Still, I can make out Questlove’s eyes. ‘I’m sorry’ is really not enough.

Smith accepted his Oscar that same night for his performance in King Richard.

Smith concluded his apology by saying, “I’m human. I erred, and I’m making an effort not to think of myself as a piece of s***.

“I’m aware that it was unclear. I’m aware that it was upsetting, but I can assure you that I am utterly dedicated to spreading love, joy, and light throughout the world.

Moreover, you know. I assure you that we will be able to be friends once more if you hold on.

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